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Orange man walking on the sunshine of love by TJ
                                                     Butterfly's of love by TJ
Send a photo of you, a loved one or a favorite animal and I will create a picture of it using a variety of wood burning techniques. 
I have samples upon request as well as prices . 
They depend on size and what type of picture it is.
This one was done on a piece of slate,  I have a similar larger one done on a tree stump.  Anything is possible to be created.....
This is a vegetarian dragon.  I created this using woodburning tools.  Each piece is unique to itself the back has a poem written in the poplar bark. This one was created back in 04' by Tina Jackson
This is a Vegatarian Dragon I used woodburning tools to create this unique impression on a piece of popplar.  The back has a poem written into the bark.  It was created back in 04', by Tina Jackson.
  I used the saying because I love it and hope that someday everyone will allow their soul truth of pure love to shine forth...... 
            This one went for $55
Options of woodburning are available to put onto log benches or picnic tables, you can even design a dog house :)  Its easy you choose the pictures and I woodburn them in price varries on detail of pictures. 
For pictures of the log stuff check out
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