MYSTICAL EMPOWERMENT - Chakras & Auras What Are They?
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   Years ago when I got my 1st Reiki Attunment I was then able to see chakras they were amazingly beautiful I had been trying to picture a solid color where as they are spinning and moving in a spiral!  The ability to see them started me on a quest to learn as much as possible I did years of research and the more I learned the more my intuition and consciousness expanded I am very emphatic so when I am out and about I do not allow myself to see them however when I fully connect with someone I can then see them and that's why I'm so adept at helping people clear out stuck energy blockages and energetic cords because I can see where they are attached and how they are stuck in the energy bodies and physical body.  I work with all realms, time & space and divine love and light.  The following are tips techniques and pictures to help you learn more about the
 Healing power ofCOLOR
For myself I learned that when I was hiding or not using my divine love and light healing gifts I would not be speaking/living my truth and my throat chakra would become cloudy/stuck resulting in illness.  When I accepted who I was and embraced my gifts I stopped getting sick in my throat.
If you can work on  keeping your chakras clear and body in alignment physically, emotionally and mentally you can truly be balanced & have optimal energy.

Our energy field looks like a big blanket of a rainbow and it can get all murky and muddled up with emotional things, environmental things, energy frequencies, toxins ect. I have learned over the years how to patch the aura and do a aura wash with the help of divine love and light beings :)


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