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MYSTICAL EMPOWERMENT - Welcome to the world of Heart Based Healing, Courses & Sessions


Below you will find explanations on the Following Seesions :
Past Life Karma Release,  Past Life Release, Chakra Tune Ups, Chakra Clearings In Depth ( RAINBOW HEALINGS), Cord Cutting, Aura Patching, Aura Wash, Drum Wash, Sound Therapy, Intuitive Angel Card Readings,  Essential Oil Card readings, Tea Leaf Readings, Spiritual Guidance, Smudging, House Clearing & Helping Spirits Cross Over,  Crystal Grids & Healing sessions, Reiki (from a Reiki master)on Plants, Animals , Land and PeopleRaindrop Technique with Young Living,Ionic Foot Bath Detox, Young Living Aromatherapy

Sessions& Courses Available as well

Health and Wellness Coach with tid bits of all of the healing techniques listed above  and nutrition!  
Achieving Wholeness for OPTIMUM health!

SESSIONS are.....

Aromatherapy sessions 
with Young Living oils & 
mini meditation
Aromatherapy is the use of natural plant aromatics (volatile components) that emit a distinct smell and energy that can invoke physical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual change!  These aromatic substances can be used to support healing, promote well being, or simply provide enjoyment.
 I will be using Young Livings single oils and blends.
for more info on these amazing products and essential oils you can also 
ph/text 403 318-0708 


Some common uses of aromatherapy are to:
  • *Reduce stress and the physical, emotional, mental,
 And energetic impacts of stress

  • * Uplifts spirits
  • *Achieve and maintain balance
  • *Support meditation and spiritual quest
  • *Mental clarity and invigoration
  • * Support other healing modalities
  • *Address physical conditions such as respiratory, muscular and skin issues.
  • * Pamper oneself!!
  • * Also have the option of soaking your feet in epsom salts with an oil mixed in will have a couple to choose
  • * All done while you relax I give you a guided meditation.

  • 20 min for $25 40 min $50
  • With extras such as foot soak & hand massage 20 min $35 40 min $70

  RAINDROP TECHNIQUE! with Young Living essential oils & independent distributor
The raindrop technique is a relaxing and energizing sequence of applying young living essential oils combined with specialized relaxing massage techniques that bring structural and  electrical alignment to the body.


$90 for 1 hr  
Feet & Back


If you don't want your feet done the cost is $70
(Those who join my yl team and order a raindrop kit get gifted a Free Raindrop!, Afterwards using your oils they are 1/2 price!)

-Invigorates the mind
- Reduces Stress
-Releases pent up negative or harmful emotions
-Helps to restore and maintain physical and emotional wellness
- Straightens the spine & lengthens it & helps structural alignment
-Realigns the spine in a non-manipulative manner
- Flushes out toxins & viruses out of the system
-Promotes  Respiratory Benefits
-Helps with Balancing & Grounding
- Builds up the immune system
- Shields pathogens

- Balances the body's energies
- Feels AMAZING!!!
-Helps with circulation and fluid retention
-reduces inflammation
-Lifts the spirit & Increases concentration
-Help curb digestive upset
-Relieve body and joint pain
-An amazing detoxification of the body 
(on that note you must drink lots of water the day before, day of & day after the session so the toxins can be released if you do not you may get a headache)

For more info on each of the oils found in the kit look under young living essential oils at the top of the page.

You can also use this on kids you must take out oregano and aroma seize only because it's a double dose and oregano is a bit to hot of an oil for most kids. My daughter asks for them now when she is not feeling well,and Loves the techniques and how they help flush out he cold !!

Combination of everything that I do , it is the most beneficial due to you getting exactly what you need for that specific moment in time, to facilitate ultimate self healing on all levels. Essentially we allow the flow to be created from the divine love of the universe, which when allowed can do some pretty amazing things!!!  I am simply the connection rod between it and you, then through my own abilities I am able to enhance it and enable the body to accept and resonate with these new healing    energies.                                                 $80 for an hour  
All Is One
Wonderful Healing Session Using All Modalities That I Use & That Are Needed At That Moment, Specifically For Each Individual.
Price: $80.00
You have the option of choosing from the following healing modalities:  
Reiki Attunements
( Courses are $150 each , 3 levels available.)    
Reiki sessions ( Sessions $40 1/2hr,  $60 1hr)
Recommend   3 sessions $50 each =$150                     
Ultimate is 4 sessions $50 each=$200
1st session- gets body used to energy vibration
2nd session opens up your closets and gets them ready to do some spring cleaning
3rd-session -clears and cleans your body's closets while  re-balancing your energy
4th session- final touch up's
~Reiki with crystals & essential oils 
the oils used are from Young Living which are not distilled with any chemicals and are used in vibrational and therapeutic healing.
Colour Energy oils blends are used but only via smell.
  1/2 hr $50     1hr $70

 Crystals with Reiki $70 for an hour

~ Animal & Plant Reiki Sessions ($50/hr)  ($35 1/2hr) 
Animals have the same chakra system that we have & it to can get all clogged up and murky where illness can set it.
 Due to the love of our pets I gift these for cheaper, they soak up ALL of our garbage , sadness, illness all to help us Feel better isn't it worthy of us to also help them feel better ?  They do not have as many layers as we do therefore they respond to energy healing much much faster than we do therefore 1 session usually clears them out when it would take us 3 he he ha ha!

I am also able to do animal healings over distance with a photo.  A puppy was very ill from eating a whole thing of insulation after 3 mini bouts of deep healing the little guy was all good after the vet said he wouldn't make it.  They tend to heal faster than us unless it's a very deep long term illness then it's a layered event.
Even better learn reiki & you can heal them as well!!
  As for plants they sometimes get weird things attached to them I once cleared one that was dying a huge plant and after i cleared it the beings with the plant became happy and then the plant flourished the couple phoned me later in complete amazement they believed in the spirits and energies with people but didn't realize plants play an intracle part in it.


~ Past Life Release with pendulum  I follow the stories that the body tells me and relay the motion picture that plays in my head as we go through and release the stuck cellular memories out of the body from one or more past lives.  I only go as far as what the body can handle at that time.  Often times we have strange pains in our bodies or are afraid of things without knowing why and it's due to events that happened to us in another lifetime.  All is released with ease and grace and divine love and light.
        $80 for an hr,  $45 for 1/2hr

~Past Life Karma Release 
We will guide you into a hypnotized state where you will fully be concious and able to remember everything as we go through 3 different lifetimes, to reveal different aspects of yourself while allowing the gift of releasing any of the aspects from those lifetimes that were holding you back while at the same time embracing the aspects that enhance the beauty of your being to the fullest!!! Allowing you to become whole in of yourself!!

$95 for 1 1/2hrs

~Basic Mini Pendulum Charka Clearing Tune Ups
$35 1/2hr                                 
                 book 4 sessions for $120 save$20
~In Depth Pendulum Charka Clearing 
$70 1hr                               
              book 4 sessions for $250 save$30
~ Pendulum  Release of Injuries This amazing service helps to get rid of deep cellular memory of injuries plus aids tremendously at releasing anxiety.  $80/hr

~ Basic  Mini Energy Chakra Clearing 
If you have 1 or 2 chakra's you want cleared specifically we can do this.  Usually it would be clearing your feet and one other area...
$40 1/2hr                           
book 4 sessions for $140 save $20

~ ***Most recommended***
Deep Chakra and Aura Balancing  with~Cord Cutting
I go into your energy field and connect to clear out your chakra's and your aura .  I'm able to see holes and repair them to aid in healing of yourself.  When your energy centers become clogged with stuck emotions then they stop spinning properly and that's when it's easier for you to become sick, or for you to develop a major illness.  
Give yourself the gift of health and vitality today!!  
This is honestly something that should be done monthly so that your body can be in a state     of preventive medicine!

From what I have found most people need 2 sessions the 1st one grounds them & clears out the lower chakras and the 2nd one clears out the rest.  I have had a few people who can have it done at once but I only go as far as what the particular persons body can handle allowing you to have optimum healing while you release and not an overload.  I do recommend to Drink lots of water as it is an emotional detox for the body. 
 Everything is done with divine love and light and my divine love and light beings come in to aid in the healing as well as yours :) 
 I write down what they look like and what messages they bring with them to aid in your healing. I have tried videoing however the frequencies are to high and the whole thing goes blank!
 We are very        blessed
 for all of our helpers seen and                                          unseen
         $80 11/2 hr 
 If you book in with 3 @ once reg $240 & save you get it for $220

As for the cord cutting that happens I follow any dark looking cords and remove them so they no longer are draining you or making you feel ill.  These energetic cords can even be ones from a past lifetime 

These removals are never the same due to each person being unique.  Examples of some of the things I have seen for relationship cords one of the cords looked like old plumbing pipes and once removed the person told me that the ex was a plumber.   Others revealed that they could never fully bond with a loved one but once the energy cord of a past life was released they were able to fully feel connected!!  Way to many stories to list.  This is the main modality I am currently called upon to help people with & would love to help you heal you!!!  Beauty of healing you is you also help heal all others around you as well :)

~ Entity Removal / Cord Cutting 
This is often needed when one has unexplained pains or is very tired for no reason.  Other symptoms would be mood swings not of your normal personality. 
Excellent for everyone!!  This clears away old energy attachments from family, friends, acquaintances and especially intimate partners.
Did you know that energy cords can drain you for up to 30 years!  One that I did for an ex was huge out of my right hand side, wonder why I was always tired when I was around him !
These attachments can also be from spirit attachments as well they often cause discomfort in shoulders ,back ect.  Along with mood swings.  Smudging and Sage also work to clear out these energy cords leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized, happy feeling, and energized!
        $80 /hr   (MAINLY do it with chakra clearing but can be done separately if needed)

  • may be done in person or via distance with a picture of you or the animals

Smudging (of home office or body) Helping Spirits cross over     
    Once the space has had a full deep clearing it's likely it will only need a light smudging later these  prices depend on size of space, and type of clearing.I have personally seen & experienced many different types of clearings & non of them are really the same.  Sometimes a space needs cleared once, other times it's like a layer or an onion you clear out one and then others surface...Clearing of land seems to be more of a layered effect.
  When I come into someones home I go deep I connect to the land and do energetic clearing, I send energy throughout the whole frame and structure of the home/building, essentially nothing is left untouched energetically.  I follow guidance as to what type of energy usually it is sparkly rainbow healing energy that floods through and other times it's golden sparkles.  
  • If you think about it even items that are new have been made by someone, packaged by others, shipped & handled then it came to you so by the time you get it , that item already has energy attached to it.  Smudging & doing energetic clearing helps to bring it back to a harmonious energy.
  • Also whenever you have guests over once they leave all of that energy is left over, now imagine if that person was really super grumpy that energy trail gets left behind so smudging helps to clear out other peoples energy left behind & helps to clear out our own stuff as well!!
  • Angels and other divine love and light beings help me to cross over beings that are lost, stuck or attached to items, places or people.
  • To give it extra ump I can also use white angelica essential oils, dragons blood incense and grid the house with crystals if you so desire :)  (These would be classified as extra though)
 $95 1-2 hr for 1st session  OR $55 for 1/2 hr for 1 session 

To have me energetically come back and do touch ups up to 5 times I add another $20 onto the cost but that is your choice 

Basic House Smudging 
 Helping to clear out negative energy  Helping clear out negative energy you brought home from work, grumpy visitors left behind, leaves your space feeling clean, refreshed and light!  If you want this done on a regular basis we can work out a bulk discount price.
                                                                     $35 per 1/2hr
                                   ~ Crystal Grid Therapy 
    I perform a variety of laying on of stone methods and a variety of stone grids to do an energetic healing on you, essentially your body gets the healing session then due to the energy connection with the stones your body can then keep assimilating the healing effects over the next 2 weeks or so. 

   I also have a variety of crystals on hand if you would like some of them to go in the grid and then you can take them home with you :)  $70/hr  

~ Inner Child 
Re-connection -Often times we get told over and over to GROW up when that innocent piece of ourselves gets left behind, when you actually go in and reconnect to the inner child of yourself it allows your body to become whole feeling once again and allows you to live life at a much needed heart felt type innocence with your grown up wisdom.
I also recommend that anyone feeling they need this order a Inner Child essential oil blend by young living while you smell this oil it then allows that part of your mind to keep open to reconnecting                                       $60 1/2 hr-1hr

~ Shaman Experience 
- A unique experience connecting you with ancient native healing vibrations, using the drum and channeling.This modality can only be done at your location or mine where it is o.k to have A lot of noise.  I also use a wide variety of other energy healing tools as they are guided to me $60  1hr 
 ~Soul RETRIEVAL- Connects you with pieces of yourself that were splintered off in this lifetime or in past life times.  Basically when something traumatic or scary, or sad happens a piece of us splinters off to be outside of our main energy.The result is it leaves you feeling unbalanced scattered and a shadow of yourself.....$80 Approx 1hr
~Emotional Balancing 
 We go through your emotions and find what particular emotions are throwing you off balance and open the flood gates for it to be released and let go. The time is now for healing of you in your mind body and soul.  Every illness stems from an emotion.
                                                             $80 for 1hr   $45 for 1/2 hr

~Card Readings variety of card decks to work with. I have more than what is shown . These readings are done intuitively with the help of guides, angels and divine love and light mystical beings to bring forth the strongest, and most beneficial messages for you at this point in your life. Occasionally loved ones come through with messages when needed.  These readings are more of a story that unfolds giving you the guidance that is most needed for this particular time in your life :)

  • may be done in person your place or mine
  • may be done via distance over the phone

They are gathered to bring positive vibrations to ones being.               
                          Mini Card reading$35 1/2hr                
                        In-depth Card Reading$55 1 1/2hr                 

Zyto Compass Reading
 (bio feedback & computer)
        $20 1/2 hr

In Depth card reading+ tea leaf =$80       savings $10

All 3 together In-depth+ zyto+tea leaf = 95 
                                             (reg $110)  savings $15

Combo of Ion Foot Cleanse(30 min) + Card Reading Save $10

 ~ Mini Tea Leaf Readings - I use an antique tea cup for you to drink out of and it connects with your energy field to then tell a story  Works well with the card readings you can sip your tea then when the car reading is done you get the tea leaf reading :)  Also a great combo with the ionic foot detox !
 $35 1/2 hr

        TIME TO DETOX 
             YOUR BODY!!!! SIMPLY SOAK YOUR FEET ! Detox The Gentle Way :)
10 min = $15
15 min = $20
20 min = $25
30 min = $35
35 min = $40
40 min = $45
45 min = $50
50 min = $55
55 min = $60
60 min = $65

ADD A REIKI SESSION WHILE YOUR SITTING DO THE 30/30 SPECIAL 30 min foot cleanse with reiki at the same time :)   SAVE $10 REG $65 BUNDLE PRICE $55

The Ion Cleanse and Zyto Compass are portable so we can do sessions at my place or yours :)

    done via bio feedback

$20 FOR 1/2hr SESSION SO WE HAVE TIME TO GO OVER THE RESULTS WITH YOU, They also get emailed to you when we are finished.
  If you have a young living 101 info gathering at your home or business i will gift you and your family a free zyto compass reading!!
 For more info check out

For more on the essential oils and Young Living products you can go to
If you wish to join me team sign up and use the ID # 794726 

Location's Available:  
My Spa room at Timberbound farm location however I am willing to travel and host a variety of courses/sessions at different locations.

If you would like to know about upcoming events you can add yourself to my newsletter send an email to 
 or you can ph/text TINA JACKSON at 403-318-0708
I try to keep things updated on here but it's not always due to my busy schedule.

  • depending on location travel fee may apply.

Benefits of doing a session at your home or via distance:  They can continue soaking up the energies, and relaxing after I have gone instead of trying to gather themselves to drive home.  It allows the gifts given to them to resonate deeper, therefore heal even more.

#4 Long Distance Energy work is also very common      
  I often do long distance session's with people & animals. I require a picture  for me for energetically connect better with the energy field of the person /animal. You may mail it or e-mail it.  I can also do them over the phone or SKYPE

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