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We Currently have the following available Crystals~Bloodstone sphere and massage wands~Kyanite rough and smooth pieces Black or Blue~Blue Kyanite necklaces with Amethyst on silver~ Amber polished and butter color, size of a loonie and they have a hole in them to use for a necklace. From $4-$8~ wide variety of other kinds~Assorted BooksWe have a box of trade books.  Where you swap your old or no longer needed books for ones you may like or find useful.Colors of the Rainbow and All it's Healing Power!We Have a wide variety of products that are designed to help your chakras balance and enable you to have preventative medicine!Each color affects us in different ways.  ~We carry beeswax candles I found these to be particularly wonderful when I did yoga or chi gong it was like what ever color I had burning it specifically brought the energy in the room to work on that feeling of energy. I was quite surprised how well they worked for meditation as well.~Color glasses so you can see the color and not have to think about anything it automatically re aligns you.  Very cool!  My daughter loves the red :)~Joy essence~Aura spray- this clears out your aura without having an odour  so it"s wonderful for those with smell sensitivities.  It also aids in clearing negativity from a room, and won"t disturb anyone else. Products
I sell a variety of healing products from tibetan bowls , bells and tingshas to himilayan salt and lamps to selenite lamps and other crystals, jewelry, to pendulums, card/tarot decks, beeswax tea lights and chakra tapered candles, soy reiki votive candles, and all color energy products.
Chakra kits we have a variety of stones available to create some
other unique clothing can be seen on and I can get you prices....  These are created and obtained with fair trade practises!!  They have very comfortable clothing!!  I've never been disappointed.
Young Living oils may be ordered at wholesale prices when you add them to my monthly order OR receive these amazing oils right to your door by becoming a Preferred Customer (free to join this way you just pay a bit more for your everyday oils) 
 Distributor for $40 U.S get them for best price just need a $50 pv order once a month to keep membership.  If you choose you may receive even more discounts and benefits, by being a distributor.  I myself receive 20% of my pv order therefore I receive alot of free products when I choose to order them.  Plus I get a nice cheque every month due to my down lines volume.
I've been using them for over 8 years and have taken many internally and put all of them on my skin.  Excellent for children!  They are distilled at lower temperatures over a longer period of time and tested for the proper frequencies to promote therapeutic healing.
Zyto Compass
Zyto Compass
You can get a reading done on the young living products and see which bio markers are out of line and what products may bring them best back into alignment OR You can order one for yourself through me just type in the following into your browser
Independent Distributor
Independent Distributor
794726 Call or email if you want to join my team! 403-318-0708
 : If you sign up you get All the amazing products at wholesale prices or U can buy some of them directly of me at retail prices.
If you sign up you get All the amazing products at wholesale prices or U can buy some of them directly of me at retail prices.
Grade A Theraputic essential oils!!
Grade A Theraputic essential oils!!
I love them and trust them to bits!!! I can hook you up with information or do an information gathering where you can try these amazing oils 1st hand!
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