MYSTICAL EMPOWERMENT - Playshops / Courses
MYSTICAL EMPOWERMENT - Welcome to the world of Heart Based Healing, Courses & Sessions

 I am excited to share these wonderful healing modalities with you all! 
They have served me well over the years and I am very thankful for them and for the divine love and light beings that have guided me along the way. 
          I too am still surprised at the vast array of ways one can heal themselves. 
 We are all unique therefore each way of healing can be geared for you individually. 
 My best advice is to follow you inner gut that tells you what is beneficial for you and leave the rest for who needs it :)
  Enjoy your healing journey here on planet earth!  
Your Worth IT!
The Following is a list of the Variety of Playshops Available Further down the page is an In Depth  description of Each.  More info will be posted on here soon. Thanks for your patience.
Pricing for the following Courses varies on location and venue.
Feel free to email me your questions, remember any question is a good question.
Have a wonderful day
In Divine Love and Light
 you may ask for a newsletter to receive the upcoming schedule for events currently going on.

Options of times & places for doing appointments are by appointment 

Kid’s & Parents Courses
All done with either Dance, Art or Exercise
The govn’t lets you write off 500 per kid for exercise and 500 for art things J
~$60 for Parent with child (PAIR)
~For Extra Kids, Parent’s or Grandparents it’s 30 each.
~ Kids under 3 are free.
~Babies have to be with a group that say’s its o.k.
~Approx. 3hrs long 
~Held at 9a.m-12   OR    2 p.m-5 p.m.
NEW ~ ½ hr session’s
Some shorter classes are 1/2hr for $10 each 

Kid’s Partieare also an option witspeciarates !

Courses available are
 Pendulum exercise and craft course  
-          make pendulum _ need beads strings, or chains
-         Exercise part they have to move their body to get the directions on what ways the pendulum can move front to back then sway side to side, sway in a circle with hips, twirl in a circle then stop.  Create work out using diagrams on a board then they physically have to do it and sing it.
-         Will take 3hrs
-         $60 for pair then $30 for extra people
Pendulum exercise 1/2hr $10

Chakra Art
Through coloring find out how the colors of the rainbow affect your body!!  To Anger issues, helping creativity, clearing out negativity, helping one feel loved, keeping your body physically healthy, clearing out emotions of all sorts especially sad events, Give your kids and family the gift of realization of why they have certain reactions to certain colors and how they can heal themselves with color!
3hrs $60 for a pair   $30 for extra people

Chakra Dance!!!
Amazing wonderful color dance!! 
1/2hr $10

Smudging Energy Clearing Through Dance
-         Have sage in a bowl and kids dance around it I fan them with the sage
-         ½ hr $10 each

Connecting to Angels and other mystical beings through art and dance
-         Have them drawing through feelings
-         Crafts that they can do
-         For ½ hr sessions have a dance connection with angels, dragons, fairies, unicorns, elves, gnomes, animals, spirit guides, sparkly beings from the stars,
-         ½ hr $10 each for dance part
-         For art & dance 3hrs $60 for pair then $30 for extra people

Energy Basics #1 Get Your Body Moving!
-Tons of exercises for everyone to enjoy learn the art of energy healing through movement of your body mind and soul!!  Wonderful fun and life enhancing.  Give you and your family the gift of health and understanding of the energies around us!!
-         Learn and Feel how energy is All around us all the time so give you and your family the gift of health and understanding for your vitality of your future!!
-         $60 for pair then $30 for extra people  3hrs
-         Available to learn in 1/2 hr sessions $10 each

Energy Basics #2 Get Your Body Moving!
      -Tons of exercises for everyone to enjoy learn the art of energy healing through movement of your body mind and soul!!  Wonderful fun, and life enhancing.  Give you and your family the gift of health and understanding of the energies around us!!
            - Learn a variety of different energy techniques.
-         $60 for pair then $30 for extra people  3hrs
-         Available to learn in 1/2 hr sessions $10 each

Crystal Healing through exercise & movement
            -have them hold a stone pass it around then have them do the energy of those stones ….
             ½ hr $10 each

Crystal art and crafts
-create a necklace or bracelet while learning and playing interactive games!!
$60 for a pair 3 hrs or $30 for extra people.

Musical Healing vibrations Feel it in every part of your body then let yourself Dance!!
Find out about singing bowls, drums and other healing instruments
-½ hr $10 each

Reiki through Dance and Art
$60 for a pair, 3 hrs or   $30 for extra people.

Reiki Dance part available for -½ hr $10 each


 Adult Courses
Following Courses 3hrs are $55 for 3 hours full of jam packed information!

~ Mind Visualization Technique,
~ Smudging Basics
Come Get Smudged!!
  Find out how smudging uplifts your mood, de-stresses you and leaves you feeling lighter, learn the what, whys and how’s of this ancient healing art form that the natives have used for centuries.  Learn and understand what happens to spirits when u smudge, and how to aid them in crossing over with divine love and light. Plus so much more!!
~Crystal Basics for Beginners
         Day playshop
           - Includes 7 stones which you get to take home with you, and a wide array of  crystal knowledge jam packed full of how they work, what they do to aid us in healing and how the different vibrational frequiencies can change our vibration for the better or worse.            
 ~ Crystals Advanced #1
                             ~ Crystals Advanced #2
~ Artistic Release Day Playshop 
   -An intense day Playshop to let go of 5 emotions,
   -Approx 9a.m -6p.m   (flexible on hrs)
    -$ 200 (includes all supplies)
    -you do not need to be an artist for this process. 
    - Excellent for All ages
~ Artistic Release Playshop
                              3hrs $80
   -(includes all supplies)
   -(for releasing judgment of self & others,
     OR a moment in time that created a trapped emotion)
~ Basic Intuition,
~Advanced Intuition 1 & 2,
                           Each $180
( need to have 2 people for this one, I may put a group together or if you have someone to do it with that’s fine)
~ Change mind from Negative to Positive,
~Energetic Clearing, All Is One.
 All Inclusive Weekend Playshop
An in depth look into each of these energy clearing sessions done in one day.
   ~ Mind Power Energetic Clearing
   ~Aura- how to patch energetically
    ~ Magnetism Visualization Tips & Techniques.-Learn how to clear     
    unwanted or unbeneficial energies out of yourself, with magnetism
    visualization techniques.
~Cord Cutting Basics 3hrs
~Cord Cutting In-Depth 5hrs

~Chakra’s what they are and 
                                                     how to clear them 3hrs
 chakras and essential oils learn how to heal your body daily on your own with the help of young living essential oils!!!  You get to have the whole experience of using them & feeling how they can uplift your whole body, mind and spirit!!  
~ Essential oils & chakra basics with Tina Jackson
Come and learn about these Therapeutic grade A essential oils from Young Living and how they relate to the chakra energy centres of the body.
  • We have 7 main chakras that we will cover and we will talk about where they are in the body and what colors connect to where
  • characteristics of each chakra color and what the positive and negative attribute are for each color area .eg Yellow/solar plexus positive: optimistic, good sense of humour, kind,
For those who know what chakras are you will Love this part!!!
  • smell 60 + oils and feel where they go in your body
  • you basically get a full body chakra balancing/aromatherapy session
  • you receive an info pamphlet to take home with you, but bring a notepad because a few of the extra oils i will be covering are not listed in it...

Check out for more information on young living products and essential oils

~ Colour Therapy tips and techniques 3hs
- Aura Balancing 3hrs


~How to use Energy Clearing Tools,
   -mini Playshop 3hrs 
   -or in-depth, day playshop

~Magic of Energy, connect to Angels, Faries, Unicorns,Dragons
                                                each takes 3 hrs
~Magic of Energy Connect to Plants, Mystical Beings, and Animals Heart Energy, Totem Animals
                                          Each are
                                                3hr playshops
 Connect to Angelic helpers!!
Learn tips and techniques for connecting with all of the following Angels, Fairies, Unicorn energy, Dragons, Animals and other divine love and light mystical beings!!  They are amazing helpers and can do some pretty amazing things when we allow them to energetically help us.  Come and learn how!  If you are drawn to certain things their usually is a reason.  There is also a reason why so many of these being are still talked about and loved today!  $60 for 3hrs  or day playshop  $110

~Embrace the goddess that you are !
                                    3hrs- 3 1/2 hrs
~Healing with Essential oils,
    - basics $ free at home base
  - In Depth essential oil course  4hrs $40
~Past Lives Tips & Techniques on how to Connect
evening Playshop,
  3hrs approx.
~ Speak your Truth,
Day Playshop
~ Learn How To Be Thankful
Day playshop
~Pendulum for beginners & advanced 1 & 2
       -evening for 3hrs
combined into 1 day Playshop.
-Powerful Drumming & Musical Vibrations
 day Playshop
~ Powerful Drumming & Musical Vibrations
 EveningPlayshop 3hrs
~Magnetism Visualization Tips & Techniques
~Mind Power Energetic Clearing
~Tips and techniques about being Empathic


Heart Chakra! ~Love of Self~ Learn Tips and Techniques on how to strengthen your heart chakra which allows you to keep giving and helping those you love without becoming crazy tired!  These tools are also a great way for empathic people to take back their personal energy and stop absorbing everyone else’s stuff!  If you sensitive to other people’s emotions, large groups of people, electronics, you give, give, give, give then U hit a wall and are exhausted This is for you!! Lear ways on how to keep your cup full! $60

These courses/playshops are ones I've taught people in various settings & was guided to put down into words or playshops.
So far I'm still going with the flow 
& doing what
is guided to me..
In Divine Love and Light
Prices are subject to change depending on venue location & travel time
    The following is more indepth information on each of the above...
 Color Therapy Weekend Workshop/Playshop
(The weekend Playshop is more in-depth , with extra time for hands on experience.)
Experience the wonders of color therapy healing! Learn How To Heal Yourself !
The following is a basic description of what will be experienced, learned and taught.
~ How chakras affects us everyday and what they are.
~ How certain smells relate to different chakra centers and color areas
~ Feel the emotions that arise by seeing the effects of different colors.
~Have a hands on experience of how different colored stones make you
feel & where they go in your body.
~Learn tips on how color affects our everyday lives.   Learn techniques
on how to use our everyday habits to our benefit, simply by using
color therapy healing techniques. It’s Amazing that we can Heal Ourselves simply by wearing a color!!!
~Learn how to clear your chakras and energy centers using a pendulum.
~ We will find out what type of personality characteristics, go with what
colors.  Learn about your strengths and the areas that we can give a  little help to.
~Experience and learn a guided Color Chakra Meditation.
~Feel and hear how Sounds relate to different chakras and color centers
of the body.  See some sound tools that gently re-align your body’s chakras..
~We will Listen to a variety of chakra clearing cd’s as an example, of the
different ones out there. This will let you see/feel what ones are best
for you. Everyone is different so we all have different tastes.
~Then finishing with a clarification/question period.
- hrs 9-6 hour lunch at noon .  Sunday hrs 9-5:30  1 hr lunch break at noon.
~Young Living Essential Oils EVENING PLAYSHOP $ free at base location
  Ask that you gather a group of people together and I will come do a presentation where you can experience the essential oils and other young living products, hands on.
“Energetic Clearing”
All In One – All Inclusive “Day Playshop”
An in depth look into each of these energy clearing sessions done in one day.
~ Mind Power Energetic Clearing
-Learn a variety of tips and techniques of energetic ways to clear energy out of a home, office, vehicle, or sacred space using your mind.
-We will go through some unique methods of mind energy clearing visualizations. Simple to do.
  All done, & taught with divine love and light.
- These were guided to me a long time ago and I personally use them all the time in different aspects of my life. It’s now time to pass this knowledge onto others.
~Aura- how to patch energetically (must know what an aura is, and
how chakras work)
~ Magnetism Visualization Tips & Techniques.
-Learn a variety of visualization techniques and energy clearing
methods .
-Learn how to clear unwanted or unbeneficial energies out of
yourself, with magnetism visualization techniques.
-Sometimes one way of energy clearing works perfectly for what you need at that moment, & next time you may need something different.
  -This will teach you enough different techniques so that you may choose which ones work best for you, for different times in your life. 
-We will go over many Unique and unusual healing methods with visualization & thought’s.
-These work wonderfully with ease and grace to help you heal yourself.
-How to clear using white light
-Unique ways mystical beings aid us
-Color boxes energy clearing techniques.
- Learn a variety of energy showers.
  Find out about different kinds, and how to apply them.
~ A How Tolesson on a variety of ways to remove, release and let go of
Stuck energy blockages; for we are like an onion with many layers.
  -learn and do many, many hands on visualization methods
-Will learn a variety of ways for You to let go of Your stuck/stagnant energy Blockages.
“Smudging Basic’s”
Surprisingly I will shown you what type of smudging can be done, for those people who can not take smells, or smoke!!
We will learn what smudging is, how to do it, and what it is used for.  You will learn why it is so beneficial, and we will go over some of the products used for smudging, & how to clear out ones sacred space.  
 It is wonderful for clearing out stagnant energies while helping your environment to feel vibrant, and refreshed.  Come see what all the excitement is about. 
Feel that weight being lifted right off of your shoulders. Experience what it feels like to be smudged
“Smudging Advanced”
Day Playshop
~Learn a wide range of in-depth smudging tips and techniques.
~Learn how different techniques can be used for a wide variety of different things. 
~What you will learn will aid you in many ways, for many different aspects of your life.   When you come you will see what they are, and possibly even feel a few.
~I have had a lot of hands on experience using a variety of smudging techniques for different situations.  I am passing on my knowledge for you to use to enhance your own life.
~I love how it works & is good for everyone.
~If you do any kind of energy work this is defiantly something for you.
~ It will benefit you and those around you in many, many ways!!!
Description:Variety of techniques to learn how to know what food, products, crystals and other things are beneficial for you & learn what things are harmful for you specifically, we are all uniquely different therefore we all have slightly different needs.  Find out how to test for yours in an easy way everyday:)  Wonderful for children and adults!

“Introduction of  50 different ways of 
Healing Yourself” 
We will go over the basics of fifty different healing modalities, or tools that aid you in healing.  Most of these methods are simple and easy, you just need to know what they are, and how they work, then you can do it on your own; therefore they are wonderful at aiding you to Heal Yourself!       
By healing yourself you will raise your vibration, thereby helping heal those around you if they choose.          
 It’s a great experience for those who are not sure where to start, but are  interested in knowing what different healing methods are out there, or what types of things would be good for them.  
 Some of the healing tools shown will be available for purchase if you fall in love with them.  Learning to heal yourself is the greatest Gift ever!

Adult Day Course
We cover 50 different topics about ways to empower and heal your self!!! Learn about different tips and tricks to use energy tools to aid in healing.  Empowering you! The time is now!  10 a.m. -5 p.m.  $ 80 *
                              for 6 hrs 1hr lunch____________________________________________________________________________

Other options:
~  For most of them I’m able to do one on one playshops
~ Able to come to ones humble home
~  A few of them are able to be done via e-mail  for $10 off.
~ Available at  Base Location Timberbound here the courses & sessions are $10 off due to you coming out to the country.
~ currently going to be offered in Innisfail at Adonia
Mystical Empowerment Promotion:  you gather a group of 6 or more people together and you receive the course for free…
Any location 4 hrs away.  Further than that a traveling fee may need to be arranged.
 The gathering must be pre-paid.  I  will be getting paypal.
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