MYSTICAL EMPOWERMENT - Soul lifting sites to see
MYSTICAL EMPOWERMENT - Welcome to the world of Heart Based Healing, Courses & Sessions
  The following are People and Places that I have been touched by & would like to share with all of you.  Enjoy
~ Timberbound~~
Handcrafted Items :)
 All Unique & 1 of a kind
                                                      Unique Log Bench
more pics on the website.
          "Paved Roads and  jaw dropping prices!
   Well worth the beautiful drive!"
ph 403-728-3064 talk with Donna & Gus Jackson

~~Time For Self with Heather Young~~
Ph 403-343-7708
-Hot Stone Massage- Raindrop Massage Therapy- Reiki- - Reflexology- NLP- Yuen

I am personally in LOVE with Yuen and highly recommend it plus heather is the most wonderful loving being ever and is amazing at what she does!!  
~~Holly's Vitamin Shop~~Red Deer
10B 710 50 Avenue  PH 403-314-1401
"Quality Health Products at Competitive Prices"
She has lot's of unique items.
~~Joanne Johnson~~
ph 403-227-3644
-Raindrop Therapy
-Reiki Master/Teacher
-Muscle Testing Herbal Supplies
-Intuitive Healing Classes
  "I have experienced her amazing sessions and they were bang on to a T I highly recommend her she is blunt and to the point! Very deep healing on many levels!"
~~Energy Work & Massage~~
ph 403-597-2143 
Done by a wonderful man who is capable of profound healing.  He has helped me on many levels in many areas of my life.
-Reiki Master/ Teacher
-Jin Shin Do Acupressure
-River Dragon Chi Massage
(done with clothes on)  Amazing No Pain But Feels Absolutely wonderful & so relaxing/rejuvenating!
One of my favorites!!
~~ Betty Ann 
               of Divine Spirit Whispers and Wisdom~
She has wonderful energy for clearing out stuck energies!!  Also does amazing card readings :) Located in Calgary Alberta

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