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Tammy Routley,
Red Deer Alberta     I hosted a Colour Energy party a short time ago, which Tina taught.  The subject was the effects of colours on your chakras, the uses of colours and essential oils when working with and on your chakras.  Tina taught everyone how the chakras work, where they are on the body, and how to work with them in your daily life, also how to know when they  are in or out of balance.      There were about a dozen people there, all ages, men and women and children and she was so very helpful and able to explain this to all the guests.  She has a professional style but also a gift of joy and fun that she brings as well.  Her attitude of happiness is contagious, at the end of the party, everyone's mood was lifted, they all commented on how much better they felt at the end of the party!     Tina is a gifted healer, she brings joy and light to her healings as well!  I experienced visions of colour light and crystal clarity during a healing session with her, as well as the physical benefits of pain release and emotional upliftment.I am so happy to call her my friend ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~Namaste!  2006

I had a card reading with Tina and was thoroughly impressed.  The things she knew without me saying a single thing was incredible, and the messages that came through were amazing!  I highly recommend this service, as it helps to clear the mind and spirit, setting a person on the right track of where they need to be, and giving a person the tools they need to get complete happiness for themselves!  I left the reading feeling so light, and like the clutter had been cleared from my mind!  I highly recommend this amazing healer and cannot wait to take more of her evening courses and attend the Monday guided meditations @ Adonia. 
 I have already booked in for more services with Tina and can't wait!

A few years back as I was starting on path of self discovery and curiosity of energy work. I meet Tina at the metaphysical store she was working at the time. Over the years we've have had some amazing healing experiences and as Tina likes to say "that pretty bizarre". Watching her grow into her ability's has been great and inspiring as well. She brings such lovely energy and humour to the healing sessions. Her long distance work is truly remarkable, as I live on the west coast and have felt the shifts within my being. Her wide variety of tools and knowledge makes for a complete session, receiving just what you need. I highly recommend her and look forward to seeing her grow over the years to come. 
 Daniel Beckley 2013

I have had a raindrops massage and past life reading with Tina..all I can say is fantastic. so relaxing and enlightening. The massage was totally relaxing, loved every minute of it. I did not know what to expect with the past life reading, but was very impressed. looking forward to more time with Tina, love you girl. Dolly

Drew Penner: "Tina's workshops delve into the hidden side of life as she focuses on embracing healthy energy in building capacity and connectedness among attendees. You will come out feeling refreshed and likely with a brand new perspective."
It is as though I grew wings and finally felt free to actually be me!  Even though she did not physically touch me during the session I felt hot and cold sensations and rushes of energy. It is hard to describe everything that happened it is simply something to be experienced.  I did the chakra clearing & cord cutting session  in 2014 

My first time getting a card reading with Tina was about 10 years ago.  I have seen her a few times in between.  Every time I see her she never ceases to amaze me with what she knows and how much better I feel after we're done.  Her gifts to help with guidance to living a better life are remarkable.  Her love for what she does is very clear in every session.  I highly recommend her services!  
ANONYMOUS March 2017

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