MYSTICAL EMPOWERMENT - Young Living courses offered
MYSTICAL EMPOWERMENT - Welcome to the world of Heart Based Healing, Courses & Sessions
I offer a variety of courses that are geared towards the use of Young Living essential oils Current ones running Are:
March 16th~ 101 Essential oil info at Innisfail Legion @7 TRY Feel and Learn about the oils Charge- FREE

March 23rd Sharing is Caring come share the love of the oils and learn about all the other goodies that help you lead a greener healthier life!!

Give a Drop Get a Drop $20 @ Timberbound

we will cover sooooooooo much the morning will be about how to use the oils in the food and then you get to eat what is made!  Afternoon will be full of awesome speakers and The Key speaker is BIG AL!!!!
CHARGE  ONLY $30!!  Tell your friends tickets will go fast

3hrs are $30 unless placed on special 
Courses with YL oils offered are:
~ Essential oils & chakra basics with Tina Jackson
Come and learn about these Therapeutic grade A essential oils from Young Living and how they relate to the chakra energy centers of the body.
  • We have 7 main chakras that we will cover and we will talk about where they are in the body and what colors connect to where
  • characteristics of each chakra color and what the positive and negative attribute are for each color area .eg Yellow/solar plexus positive: optimistic, good sense of humor, kind,  
For those who know what chakras are you will Love this part!!!

  • smell 60 + oils and feel where they go in your body
  • you basically get a full body chakra balancing/aromatherapy session
  • you receive an info pamphlet to take home with you, but bring a notepad because a few of the extra oils i will be covering are not listed in it...             Muscle testing which oils are best for you with Tina Jackson
  • Find out the 3 different ways of muscle testing and be able to do it by yourself :) This way you can muscle test which oils you need for the day, where you need to put them on your body, diffuse in your house or how many drops of an oil to put into your capsules. This is a fun interactive course where you get to experience how it feels to listen to your intuition/higher self 
  • Learn how to muscle test when purchasing things for other friends/ family and pets!
  • All of the things learned to day can be taken out into other aspects of your everyday lives
Learn the pendulum basics for picking the right oils for you & asking yes/no questions. With Tina Jackson
Learn how to use a pendulum
-Find out how it connects to your higher self/intuition as a tool to help you decide what essential oils is best for you that moment
-You can see how many drops would be the best for you to take via a yes or a no 

Learn which YL oils help with the following aspects ~spiritual awareness, deepening meditation.
  • Through smelling, wearing & taking certain oils internally you will greatly strengthen your bodys vibrational field and make it go to a higher frequency
Enhancing Intuition
Communicating with mystical beings such as angles faries, unicorns ect.

-with the use of certain essential oils it can enable you to have clearer conversations divine love and light mystical beings
Cinnamon Essential Oil: Purifying, healing, empowering, protective. Stimulates visions, strengthens focus, attracts wealth, love and harmony. Opens root chakra, aids in connecting with guides

Strengthening your aura and energy field
Come learn what your aura is and what young living oils to apply to strengthen your aura./ energy field.
A few examples of oils that help are:
- oils such as Dragon Time enhance ones aura as well as Valor essential oil blend with young living

White Angelica- Amazing protection and raises your vibrational energy in your body . I also recommend using it to put on your widow sills when you do house clearings for yourself!

Which oils help those that are emphatic 
or people who are overwhelmed by large groups of people.

learn which oils to put on certain areas of your body to help keep out negative energies from other people or to be bombarded 

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